The ‘Reduce Fires, Raise Money’ Program

As Fire Fighters, it is not only our duty to educate our community members about fire safety, but also to provide them with the means to prevent fires.
In recent years, candle fires have continued to devastate families – destroying property and taking livesbut now there is a safe alternative that will also provide homeowners with the beauty and ambience of candlelight.

Battery-operated Flameless Candles have been developed to look, feel, and flicker just like real candles but with absolutely no risk of fire or danger. CFSI has developed a program to raise awareness about the dangers of open-flame candles and to provide these fire-safe alternatives to as many homes across the country as possible. For every real candle that we can replace with a Flameless Candle, the risk that a candle fire will claim a life or destroy a home is eliminated. The Time to act is now.

About the Program

CFSI, The Congressional Fire Services Institute, is proud to announce that we have recently joined forces with Candle Impressions, the world’s largest Flameless Candle manufacturer to help make this goal a reality.

Together we have created a program to help you educate your community about using Flameless Candles as a fire-safe alternative. In addition, Candle Impressions has pledged to donate 20% of all Flameless Candle sales referred by your department… right back to your department.

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Getting Started
Sign Up for the Program.
It’s free and only takes a minute.
Spread the Word. 
Educate your community about the dangers of candle fires and the ways to prevent them. We will provide you with marketing materials and other helpful tools to help you with this important initiative.
Raise Money For Your Department. 
If your community members, friends or family buy a fire-safe Flameless Candle, 20% of their purchase will be donated
to your department.

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